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1. Once you have sent a request for a quotation from Art Inspiration for a particular painting(s), we will email, or post, to you a quotation for the reproduction(s), together with the cost of postage which will be itemised separately.

2. In order to confirm an order, we ask you to pay 50% of the quoted price for the reproduction. Payments may be made online using either a Credit or Debit Card to the third party PayPal* or by cheque (check) made out to Art Inspiration.

3. As soon as the 50% deposit has been received by Art Inspiration, we will commission one of our artists to commence the reproduction(s).

4. Reproductions are normally completed and dried ready for dispatch within 4 weeks of the order. They are sent out to customers wrapped in protective plastic sheeting and rolled up within a sturdy tube.

5. On arrival, the tube will contain an invoice for the balance of 50% plus the cost of postage. This payment can be made as per point 2. above.

6. Guarantee - If on receipt of the painting, the reproduction is not to your satisfaction within reasonable limits**, we ask that in the first instance you contact us. If the matter can not be mutually resolved, just return (WITH INSURANCE) the painting to us WITHIN 15 DAYS OF RECEIPT and we will refund your initial deposit.

* PayPal (an eBay company) is a world-wide provider for online payments. It is completely independent of the merchant and the details of credit/debit card payments are not revealed to the merchant (in this case Art Inspiration). The online payments software runs in Secure Mode on the web browser using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt sensitive data. Further information on PayPal may be found on

** We ask the customer to appreciate that the paintings are hand-painted oil on canvas reproductions (not photocopies from the original and then projected onto canvas) and that there will be minor variations from the original. Also for many masterpieces the colours have now faded, the older the more likely the case, whereas with our reproductions being freshly painted the colours can be more vibrant.

If you have any suggestions or comments, or are interested in any specific artist and/or painting not listed in the A-Z, please contact us

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*The original artist of origin from a European Union country must have been deceased for more than 70 years, and from anywhere else in the world for
more than 50 years. For a photograph, if not an original taken by the customer, then the formal permission of the originator must be obtained.